Monday, December 22, 2008

My Teacher, My son - "The Artist"

I often get compliments about my coloring and quite often I will hear from those that know I have two very talented kids , "I know where your kids get their talent". Well, it honestly is not from me! I think I was born with a crochet hook in one hand and a sewing needle in the other. I have an amazing talent to look at something and grab the newspaper, make my own pattern and then sew it up with no problems. Sewing always came naturally for me. But I couldn't draw a straight line to save my life. My 19 year old son though is amazing and incredibly talented. He graduated high school last May. He has taken this year off from school to work some things out financially and will be leaving this coming August for art college to pursue a degree in fine arts. These past 6 months he was commissioned by some different people to do some drawings for them. The above one is one he just completed for one of his high school teachers. She wanted a rather large drawing of her dog. To the left is the photo she provided him and to the right is the completed portrait of the dog. The entire portrait is done with Lyra color pencil and took 41 hours to complete.
Thought I would also share with you his largest piece he has done entirely in color pencil. His junior year of high school one of his art teachers entered him into a national contest. 30 entries out of thousands nationwide were chosen to complete their entry onto a life size fiberglass cow. My son was one of them and yes I do mean a life size cow! His cow was Noah's ark with after the storm on one side.....

....and before the storm on the other side. The entire cow is done in Lyra color pencils and took 170 hours to complete. He is the only one in the history of the contest to ever do a cow in color pencil. He entered again his senior year and once again placed in the 30 national finalists making him the only one to place twice in the history of the contest. His second cow he chose to paint and was of Betsy Ross making the flag and Francis Scott Key on the other side writing our national anthem. It took him 162 hours to complete his second cow.

My son has has spent a great deal of time trying to teach me how to color with color pencils. I say try because I'm not the easiest of students to have. Those that know me well know that I have been fighting an eye disease that has been causing a slow process of blindness all my life. In the last few months my eyes have taken a turn for the worse leaving me with only light and shapes that I can see in my left eye and depending on my right eye which also has considerable vision loss. As of this past May I can no longer drive. Due to this I also have problems seeing some colors. Therefore I'm sure it hasn't been easy for my son to teach me how to blend and color with my color pencils. I love making cards and he knows that so I truly appreciate his patience in working with me. However, I will admit he can be one tough teacher! Many times I wanted to quit coloring an image but he pushes me to do my best.

I also have a daughter who is amazing behind the camera. Soon I will post some pics of her work to share. So now you all kids didn't get it from me....instead they are teaching me! Can you imagine what my cards would look like if I could see, draw and color as well as my son!!!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas!


Lim said...

WOW Susan,

I find your blog for your entry in Roses on Paper challenge blog. I'm speechless with the work of your son... Oh my gosh!! He's amazing and extremely talented!!!. WOW!!!
I wish him and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish all your dream and his too (I'm so impressed with his talented) come true.

I hope we can see you again soon joining our challenge. could be fun.


Judy said...

That kid is just amazing.

GiftsByHeidi said...

Wow Susan,

Your son has incredible talent. I am speechless! His work is wonderful. I am sorry to hear about your eye issues. I had no idea, you do amazing work as well. I love how all your HM images are colored, so perfect!

Rosette said...

Wow Susan... you left me speechless!!! I didn't know about your eyes.. and I'm sorry for that. But I know that you are an incredible person, and I'm sure that if you aren't a natural in colouring, you are in determination, otherwise your children wouldn't have been THAT good. Being a professional (in any technique/work) requires patience, determination,and constant trial and error! And I'm sure that it's you that have thought your amazing son that!! Your colouring is still great Susan, I wouldn't lie to you! Regarding images, send me an em ail with what you'd like. you know I can send you some from what I have :) I'm hugely indebited to you!! :)

Compliment your Incredibly telanted Son for me.. I have never seen anything likethat before! Merry Christmas dear :).xxx

Tami B. said...

What a beautiful post. Your son is amazingly talented and dedicated. I am so sorry to hear that you have declining vision. It's wonderful that you can work on your coloring with your son. Our children have so much to teach us if we listen.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Susan! I had no idea about your eyes...I feel so bad; but, at the same time am REALLY amazed at how awesome all your creations are!! And your son, wow, very gifted boy! I'm sure he gets his talent from you!! :)

carol said...

It is very rare to see such amazing talent, how fantastic for your son to be able to produce such pieces of stunning artwork, it was a pleasure to stumble on your blog and i am in awe of your colouring as well, having read the problems you have with your eyes!
Thank you to you and your son for sharing these fabulous works of art :)

Carol x

Leigh said...

Oh my goodness, what a fabulously talented son you have. Fantastic.

ant me. said...

Dear Susan,

This is why I love blogs. I have "Known" you for a while now but this one post gave me so much insight into who you are : ) Thank you for sharing a little about both your accomplishments and trials. : )

Your children are blessed to have you.

(((Hugs))) Patti

Janice W. said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for sharing your son's amazing art with us along with your amazing cards. I am sorry to hear about your eyes. I would have never guessed you were having difficulty. You do such nice work!!
Hugs and prayers to you!

tinamarie said...

WOW your son is an amazing artist!!! I love the description of the Betsy Ross cow! Your son will go far in life.