Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tutorial For Making A No. 3 Size Coin Envelope

 From time to time I find myself needing a coin envelope for a project I am making. Instead of purchasing them, I like to make my own. Making my own allows me to make the coin envelope in any solid color cardstock or designer paper of my choice. The size Number 3 coin envelope is the size I use most often. I thought I would share with you how I make mine. Pictured above is one with a closing flap and one without.

Using cardstock or designer paper of your choice...
Cut a 6" x 6" square
On one side score at 1/2" and 4- 3/4"
Turn your 6 inch square once (90 degrees) and score at 1- 1/2" and 4"
You will now be making 4 cuts. View the photo below to see where you will be cutting.
Basically  you are cutting away the four corners up to where the score lines meet at each corner. Once you have cut away your pieces your 6" square should now look like this:

The larger tab at the top is your flap and the smaller one at the bottom is the tab that will enclose the bottom of your coin envelope. You will notice that on the bottom tab I cut off the edge at an angle to make it easier for the tab to fold up and to give a neater look to your finished envelope. Now fold on all 4 score lines. Apply adhesive to the longer side flap and seal down over the other folded side flap. Apply adhesive to the bottom tab and fold up. I like to use a liquid adhesive for this but double sided tape also works well. Round the corners of the top flap if you like. You can also take a round circle punch and cut a half circle on the top of your coin envelope with the flap open if you like. I used a one inch circle punch on mine. You now have a number 3 size coin envelope which measure 2 -1/2" x 4- 1/4" when completed. Easy Peasy!

Need a coin envelope without the flap? No problem! Cut your paper to be 4-3/4" x 6".
Score at 1/2" on the 4- 3/4" side and score at 1-1/2" and 4 " on the 6" side.
Cut your two corners out from the bottom tab as directed above. Notch your bottom tab on each side of the tab, fold on the score lines, glue your side tabs together and then your bottom tab and notch the top with a circle punch if you like.

Hope this helps you to make a number 3 size coin envelope. Thanks for stopping by!


Kathi said...

Wow. This is fabulous. Pinning it for future reference!

Deni said...

This is GREAT! thank you