Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Challenges from Beat the Blues Crop

Thought I would share some of the creations I made from the Beat the Blues crop at CardMakers last week. There were many fun challenges and just not enough time for me to complete them all but I sure loved making the ones I did have time for. Also got loads of ideas and inspiration from all the other creations that were posted. The card above was to follow a sketch...always a favorite challenge of mine to do.

The picture below was for a challenge that required us to make a corner bookmark and a card to place it on. I think I would like to go back and try this challenge again and make some more of these now that I have more time and no deadline to meet .

The next one was to wrap a candy bar. This was a lot of fun and quick to make. When you untie the ribbon and pull up on the ribbon the candy bar comes out. With some adjustments and changes in size, this would also be a great idea for giving packets of hot chocolate or some flavored tea bags.

This last one I have chosen to share with you was a challenge that I just freaked about when I saw it. It had my least two favorite things....monochromatic and use the color yellow. I am not a yellow person and I have always been lousy at monochromatic cards. So I pretty much had decided to not do this challenge. Then I decided ...it's called a challenge right? I need to conquer this challenge. Soooo ....a simple card I made and not my best but I was so proud that I did the challenge and conquered using my least favorite color and technique.

Next crop will be in May! Sure hope you will join us. Guaranteed to be loads of fun and tons of inspiration. Thanks for stopping by! Next post I will post another one of my favorite things.


Becky said...

I see you have been busy creating Beautiful things!
Adorable card, wonderfully colored.
Your book mark is just beautiful, love the design paper.
And what a cute candy bar wrap, the hearts are just too cute!

Janice W. said...

Very nice projects! The corner bookmark is so pretty! Love the laced ribbon!

GeminiJen said...

You did a wonderful job on all the projects. I have the same exact thoughts about monochromatic and yellow!! But you made a very nice card. :)