Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cards For Heroes

Hello My Blogging Friends!!!!

I guess you can see that I have been a bit busy and have had no time for cardmaking these past few days. Usually in my free time I try to participate in the challenge blogs but for the past week whenever I have had a free moment I have been sorting through the oodles of cards that I have and boxing them up to give to different charitable organizations. I have participated as well as hosted MANY swaps in the past 4 years so I have more beautifully handcrafted cards then I know what to do with. I have just been hoarding them unable to part with them. I recently realized just how selfish I'm being and realize that these cards could be used to bring smiles to the faces of both those who will send them as well as receive them.

I did some researching to decide where I wanted to donate my cards and one of the places I chose is called Cards For Heroes. This is an organization that collects handmade cards to send to our servicemen and servicewomen to have to send to their family and friends. I never thought about there being a need for this but of course there isn't a Hallmark store around the corner in yes they need cards.
This also hits close to home for me as I have a cousin who is being deployed in just a couple of days to Iraq for the next year. He is leaving behind a wife, 2 sons and a brand new baby daughter. I am proud of him and I pray for his safe return.

If you find yourself like me sitting on top of a lot of cards and not sure what to do with them.....please consider donating them to a needy organization who could benefit from them. Or maybe sending a card a week to someone for awhile who needs some cheering up would also be nice. I thank all my card making friends who gave me permission to donate their beautiful creations and no I couldn't part with all of them....I kept some!

I'll be back to cardmaking and joining in on challenges in a day or two!


Tami B. said...

CFH is a fantastic organization. I've sent in several boxes of cards to them. The joy of creating cards is doubled by sending them on to those who really can use them. So glad you are supporting them, too.

Anonymous said...

hey susan. I told judy I'm sad because I can't get on the MB ... so I'm visiting blogs instead :)

nice to see tami posting too!! hey tami!


Anonymous said...

I think this is one of the greatest places to donate. Thanks to you so much for taking ahead this decision. Its the time for Give 2 Achieve..


Janice W. said...

What a wonderful and very generous thing to do!! I am a hoarder too and will definately give this some thought. It is a great idea. TFS, Janice