Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Card Candy, Blog Candy...I'll have a truffle please!

There has been lots of talk going on for the past year on all the paper crafting sites about "card candy". Card candy are hand made embellishments to be used on cards or scrapbooking layouts. They are very much like the Jolees embellies and stickers found in LSS and crafting stores. Until recently I had managed to avoid this newest craze. But alas, a friend hosted a swap for making card candy and I could no longer pass up the opportunity to try my hand at making these cute little embellies I see posted in the galleries on swap sites. For this particular swap we had to choose a theme and then make 10 packages of at least 4 pieces of card candy in each package. So I chose Christmas and off I went to make my card candy. I chose to use a couple of the House Mouse images as well as a candy cane image and sentiment. All images were colored with Prismacolor colored pencils. I am glad I took the challenge and tried something new but I don't think I will be making card candy again in the future. At least not 10 packages at a time. I found it to be very time consuming and tedious. I was not happy with the end result. I will say though, I received the swap back yesterday and the other participants did an awesome job making theirs. I don't think I am meant to make card candy.
On the lighter side.....I saw something on another blog about blog candy. Having just completed my card candy swap and knowing that card candy meant embellishments for cards.....I logically presumed that blog candy must be embellishments for my blog! Being new to blogging I was very excited about this "blog candy" and wanted to know how I could get some. I posted a message on one of the paper crafting boards I participate on asking the other members if they knew how I could get some blog candy. I was quickly set straight and informed what blog candy is. In the crafting world, blog candy is most often a free crafting item or embellies etc. that the blog owner is giving away for winning a challenge on their blog or for visiting their blog. I learned that day that not all things can be figured out logically. I also gave my friends a good laugh!
Maybe one day I will make some card candy to give away as blog candy. Meanwhile I think there is some candy in the candy dish with my name on it! A dark chocolate truffle to be exact. Now that's my kind of candy!


Judy said...

Hmmm...I don't recall you telling me that you joined a card candy swap. I think your card candy is cute. I'm with you though - it is tedious.

Jamie Martin said...

Super cute, love the layout :)

GiftsByHeidi said...

Those are really cute! Great job!

maddy hill said...

oh how cute are they ! love them !